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The government using it’s power to influence an election: Say it ain’t So!!!

Recently it was announced that the IRS questioned far right wing groups to obtain tax exempt status.  If this is true, it would be a huge abuse of power, and should be investigated.  While many on the right were completely … Continue reading

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AP blew it 11 years ago, now they are paying for their incompetence

When the Bush administration pushed the infamous Patriot Act through congress very few if any questioned what was in it.  After 9/11 who would question a bill named “The Patriot Act”?  Well, some people who looked at the act realized … Continue reading

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What we hope to accomplish

Welcome, and thank you for visiting this blog.  We are a group of people from different backgrounds who have come together to discuss US politics.  We are free thinkers who do not belong to one party or another, instead we … Continue reading

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