AP blew it 11 years ago, now they are paying for their incompetence

When the Bush administration pushed the infamous Patriot Act through congress very few if any questioned what was in it.  After 9/11 who would question a bill named “The Patriot Act”?  Well, some people who looked at the act realized that this act could be trample the constitution, and make it legal.  Recently, AP announced that their phones were tapped by the US government, and were shocked that it was 100% legal.  What they didn’t remember was that they didn’t investigate the Patriot Act when it came up for a vote, and were the most well known organization to fall victim to their own lack of principles.  Of course the most ironic part of this is that you now have republicans who voted, and pushed the Patriot Act shocked that the Act that they personally pushed was being used.  Apparently, republicans like John Boehner should read the bills they push before they vote on them.  

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