The government using it’s power to influence an election: Say it ain’t So!!!

Recently it was announced that the IRS questioned far right wing groups to obtain tax exempt status.  If this is true, it would be a huge abuse of power, and should be investigated.  While many on the right were completely shocked, and have even called for the impeachment of the president, their memory apparently is as long as the list of people that trust them.  In 2004 many questioned press conferences by Homeland Security which just so happened to line up with major speeches by John Kerry.  Of course this would only be an abuse of power if someone came out and had personal knowledge of this.  Enter Homeland Security head Tom Ridge.  In 2009, Tom Ridge accused the Bush administration of raising the terror threat level for political purposes.  Of course all of us that paid attention to this in 2004 knew this was the case, but we couldn’t prove it till 2009.  Again, the same people who ignored a complete abuse of power in order to make sure “their” guy won.   

So, do you punish the administration who got caught abusing power, and ignore the last one that did the same thing.  Or do you ignore both as partisan  politics?

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2 Responses to The government using it’s power to influence an election: Say it ain’t So!!!

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    two wrongs doesn’t mean it should be done again.

    • markss1975 says:

      You are correct that two wrongs don’t make a right. But, in this case you actually have three wrongs happening. The same people who enacted the law allowing this, and didn’t stop the Bush administration from abusing the law, are now going to exploit this “scandal” to raise money, and try attack the president. If this hypocrisy isn’t exposed the American people will be manipulated again by these politicians, and the abuse of this Act will continue. If you look at the Act it’s self, the only way you can go after the government is if you know that they tapped your phone illegally, which is virtually impossible. I am shocked that the AP even knew about this occurring seeing how they don’t have to legally tell you they are tapping your phone. If you read the Act it is all there in black and white. By just ignoring what the Patriot Act allows the government to do, we as Americans are allowing our government to take rights away from us. This isn’t a partisan issue, it is a constitutional issue.

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