What does your “gut” tell you?

Rep. Darrel Issa is quoted as saying that in all “likelihood” IRS agents had word from Washington to hold up Tea Party tax exempt applications.  He also said that:  “My gut tells me that too many people knew this wrongdoing was going on before the election”.  So is this whole witch hunt being fueled, not by facts, but Issa’s gut, and in concrete terms like “likelihood”?  This sounds like Kenneth Starr all over again.  Not to mention the comments that Issa’s has made about the White House Press Secretary being a “paid liar” (Darrel is an expert on lying, just look at his past).  We all know that when you resort to personal attacks, you have lost all credibility.

However, what happened at the IRS is very important to the country, and the Issa’s side-show is not helping, PERIOD.  Both parties are to blame for the IRS issue, and both need to work together so this won’t happen in the future.  There is no doubt that the IRS was over run by applications, and that they were under manned, and funded.  But, we all know that funding the IRS is the LAST thing Republicans wants to talk about, seeing how they should have known this backlog would happen in the first place. 


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The government using it’s power to influence an election: Say it ain’t So!!!

Recently it was announced that the IRS questioned far right wing groups to obtain tax exempt status.  If this is true, it would be a huge abuse of power, and should be investigated.  While many on the right were completely shocked, and have even called for the impeachment of the president, their memory apparently is as long as the list of people that trust them.  In 2004 many questioned press conferences by Homeland Security which just so happened to line up with major speeches by John Kerry.  Of course this would only be an abuse of power if someone came out and had personal knowledge of this.  Enter Homeland Security head Tom Ridge.  In 2009, Tom Ridge accused the Bush administration of raising the terror threat level for political purposes.  Of course all of us that paid attention to this in 2004 knew this was the case, but we couldn’t prove it till 2009.  Again, the same people who ignored a complete abuse of power in order to make sure “their” guy won.   

So, do you punish the administration who got caught abusing power, and ignore the last one that did the same thing.  Or do you ignore both as partisan  politics?

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AP blew it 11 years ago, now they are paying for their incompetence

When the Bush administration pushed the infamous Patriot Act through congress very few if any questioned what was in it.  After 9/11 who would question a bill named “The Patriot Act”?  Well, some people who looked at the act realized that this act could be trample the constitution, and make it legal.  Recently, AP announced that their phones were tapped by the US government, and were shocked that it was 100% legal.  What they didn’t remember was that they didn’t investigate the Patriot Act when it came up for a vote, and were the most well known organization to fall victim to their own lack of principles.  Of course the most ironic part of this is that you now have republicans who voted, and pushed the Patriot Act shocked that the Act that they personally pushed was being used.  Apparently, republicans like John Boehner should read the bills they push before they vote on them.  

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What we hope to accomplish

Welcome, and thank you for visiting this blog.  We are a group of people from different backgrounds who have come together to discuss US politics.  We are free thinkers who do not belong to one party or another, instead we look at topics logically instead of tied to emotions or personal agendas.  We support the constitution, so everyone has a right to speak their mind.  But, just like the constitution, your rights are not limitless, and if you are not respectful then you will be asked to leave.



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